Steam Boilers

Saturated steam is used for numerous applications - within direct and indirect process heating, cleaning and humidification. It is used for heating tanks, heating another fluid though a heat exchanger, food production, sterilizing, steam bath - only the imagination sets the limit for applications. Steam is a very efficient fluid in many ways and very often only a small amount of steam is required - and then the below alternative steam boiler solutions are obvious to consider. The below steam boilers are all both economical and reliable. Quality products from Copenhagen, Denmark.


Electrical heated
Commercial types

Steam output : 
5 - 270 kg/h
up to 8,5 bar

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Oil & Gas-fired
Steam Generator

Steam output : 
70 - 3.000 kg/h
up to 12 bar

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Oil & Gas-fired
Reverse-flame design

Steam output : 
100 - 1.500 kg/h
up to 16 bar

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